Carbon-Free by 2050

Wisconsin needs to significantly reduce carbon emissions to tackle the growing threat of climate change.

Clean Wisconsin is encouraging utilities and the state to look to renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, and existing technology, like energy storage and energy efficiency to help Wisconsin transition to 100% carbon-free electricity.

Wind & solar are cheaper than gas & coal.

Since 2009, the cost of renewable energy has dropped significantly.

Electricity generated from wind and solar often cost less than electricity generated by fossil fuels.

Consequently, states and utility providers are investing in many new wind and solar projects.

Other Midwest States are going carbon-free.

Minnesota: 100% clean by 2050

Wisconsin: 100% clean by 2050

Illinois: 100% renewable by 2050

Utility providers have committed to a carbon-free future…

Committed to reaching 100% carbon-free by 2050

Committed to reaching 100% carbon-neutral by 2050

Committed to reaching 80% carbon-free by 2050

Committed to reaching 80% carbon-free by 2050

Committed to reaching 80% carbon-free by 2050

…And are making the transition to wind and solar power.

Investment in technology will get us to 100 percent.

Technologies like battery storage are becoming more cost- competitive.

Investing in these technologies is critical to bringing more flexibility to the grid and allowing renewable sources like wind and solar to meet our state’s energy needs.

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