Supporting Renewable Energy

If Wisconsin wants to tackle the growing threat of climate change, we need to significantly reduce carbon emissions and transition to a clean energy future.

Clean Wisconsin is working to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency to help Wisconsin achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050.

The benefits of a carbon-free electricity future

Wind and solar are cheaper than coal and gas. Wisconsin sends about $14 billion out of the state each year to import fossil fuels. Instead, we could be focusing on homegrown renewable energy.

In-state production of 100% clean energy would create 162,000 new jobs and save $21 billion every year in avoided health damages from air pollution.

By investing in homegrown renewable energy and expanding transmission, Wisconsin can rebuild a strong economy, make our communities healthier, and create a bright future where all our kids and grandkids can thrive.

Expanding Transmission

To transition away from gas and coal power plants, Wisconsin needs more power lines to carry wind and solar energy. Expanding transmission allows more renewable energy projects to come online and ensures the stability of electricity supply for all residents.

Building a clean energy future together

“Saving the World” at Bare Bones Brew

What can going solar do for a small business? Bare Bones Brewery in Oshkosh found out after they installed solar panels four years ago.

Wisconsin’s First Solar Neighborhood

A look inside the first and so-far *only* net-zero electricity solar neighborhood in the state of Wisconsin! All of these New Berlin, Wis. homes are certified through Focus on Energy’s New Home Certification Program. But there is so much more work to be done. We need more state & federal investment to make solar more accessible and affordable for everyone. Now is the time to fight the climate crisis and build a clean energy future.