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The Year of Clean Drinking Water is over. What comes next?

Early last year, in his State of the State Address, Gov. Evers declared 2019 the Year of Clean Drinking Water. While 2019 is behind us, the governor has continually reiterated—through his words and actions—his support for efforts to address polluted drinking water that plagues too many Wisconsin residents.

Unpacking the Water Quality Task Force bills

After hearing from hundreds of Wisconsinites about water quality issues across many months, the Water Quality Task Force released a number of bills. Here’s our take on this legislation.


Under the Lens: Is Wisconsin seeing more heavy rain events?

One of the anticipated impacts of climate change in Wisconsin is an increase in extreme storms and subsequent flood events. Those of us in southern Wisconsin got a taste of this from the storm last August that dropped nearly of a foot rain in parts of Dane County, and many other areas of the state experienced similar heavy rain events. While it is impossible to definitively attribute a particular event to climate change, is there any evidence that we are already experiencing more heavy rain events?

Clean Wisconsin & Sierra Club challenge gas plant approval

Clean Wisconsin and the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court on Friday asking for review of the Public Service Commission’s decision to approve construction of a large gas power plant proposed for a site in Superior, Wisconsin.

Our roadmap to tackle climate change

If the next ten years are a winding road of uncertainty and urgency around climate change, what other states have—and what Wisconsin needs—is a climate roadmap.

Other News

Happy Earth Day.

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we celebrate our history and forge ahead for our future.

Reducing waste while being ‘safer at home’

With the entire state being ordered to stay at home due to COVID-19, there are undoubtedly benefits to the environment. Still, there are further ways for everyone to reduce waste, save money, and help the planet.

Nemadji: A Resource at Risk

Lake Superior is the lifeblood of Northern Wisconsin. But the largest Great Lake has a problem: climate change.

Trailer: “Nemadji”

COMING SOON: Two utility companies are pushing the state of Wisconsin to authorize a $700 million fossil fuel plant in Superior. Neighbors, activists, tribal nations, and scientists are pushing back.