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Volume 52, Issue 3

Fall 2022 Issue

U.S. Supreme Court

Extremism in the Courts: West Virginia v. EPA

Recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling erodes environmental protections, and it could be just the beginning. The Major Questions Doctrine and Supreme Court Power Grab Appealing to the courts to help protect our natural resources has been an effective tool for many decades. However, a series of recent rulings has made that strategy more challenging.
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Rendering of the Nemadji Trail Energy Center
| As Seen in the Defender

Your voice made a difference!

EPA is challenging the environmental review of Nemadji Trail Energy Center. Last year, we asked you speak out to stop a federally subsidized loan sought by Dairyland Power Cooperative to help fund the Nemadji Trail Energy Center. And you responded.
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Fuel cell hydrogen truck engine.
| As Seen in the Defender

Under the Lens: Hydrogen fuel cells as a carbon-free energy source

Given the pressing need to quickly decarbonize our energy sources, we need to consider all types of carbon-free energy—including lesser-known sources like hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cells combine pure hydrogen gas with oxygen to produce energy.
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Installing a StormGUARDen at a Milwaukee home
| As Seen in the Defender

Innovative stormwater solutions in Milwaukee

Green infrastructure practices like building bioswales around parking lots and streets to capture polluted storm runoff, using permeable pavers in parking areas, and installing rain gardens, cisterns, rain barrels and green roofs help reduce the risk of flooding and keep our waterways healthy.
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Staff scientist Paul Mathewson works with summer science interns
| As Seen in the Defender

Clean Wisconsin’s Science Program makes a difference

We often say that Clean Wisconsin’s advocacy is grounded in science, but what does that mean in practice? We’ve found that upholding this commitment requires investment in trained professionals who can bridge the big gap between science and policy—a science program.
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