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Corn on farm

The critical role of Wisconsin agriculture in addressing climate change

When you think of Wisconsin, you think of agriculture. Thirty percent of Wisconsin’s land is used for agriculture– that is 64,400 farms on 14.3 million acres. Wisconsin agriculture contributes 16.4% to our state’s economy, $104.8 billion annually. We also export $3.
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Under the Lens: Homegrown energy in Wisconsin 

Which land use produces more energy per acre, corn ethanol or solar? More than a million acres of land in Wisconsin is used to grow corn for ethanol    One of the concerns about utility-scale solar development is the amount of land needed for these large solar facilities, which are commonly placed on agricultural land.
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Fixing our broken food system

Transformative change: Fixing our broken food system    As Clean Wisconsin’s Water Program Director, I am reminded daily that you cannot work on water issues today without being constantly confronted by the challenges climate change poses.
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Farm with windmills
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A cleaner, healthier Wisconsin is within reach

  Wisconsin can slash carbon emissions and transform our economy within a generation.  Our recently published Roadmap to Net Zero by 2050 paints a beautiful picture of Wisconsin’s future.
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