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Corn on farm

The critical role of Wisconsin agriculture in addressing climate change

When you think of Wisconsin, you think of agriculture. Thirty percent of Wisconsin’s land is used for agriculture– that is 64,400 farms on 14.3 million acres. Wisconsin agriculture contributes 16.4% to our state’s economy, $104.8 billion annually. We also export $3.
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Under the Lens: The Truth About Natural Gas

Methane—the primary component of natural gas—is itself a potent greenhouse gas. Although methane breaks down in the atmosphere faster than CO2, it has a stronger warming effect than CO2 while it is there.
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Q & A with Resilient Communities Program Director Nancy Retana  

  Nancy Retana is Clean Wisconsin’s new Resilient Communities Program Director. As Clean Wisconsin builds on the success of the Resilient Communities work in Milwaukee and expands to other communities across Wisconsin, we talked with Nancy about her vision for the future of the program.
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