The CLEAR Act: Take Action Today

The CLEAR Act is a bill that will establish standards for PFAS, a dangerous chemical that is contaminating Wisconsin’s water resources. The CLEAR Act must be passed to ensure our water is safe from PFAS

A clean environment for everyone

Everyone deserves the right to clean water, breathable air, and a healthy community. We’re committed to equity and inclusion.

Managing Water Where it Falls

Clean Wisconsin has been partnering with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District since 2014 on a number of initiatives to scale-up green infrastructure in the Milwaukee region through education, outreach, policy and on-the-ground installation of green infrastructure practices including rain barrels and rain gardens.

Vicious Cycle

In the three-part series ‘Vicious Cycle,’ Clean Wisconsin unpacks how Wisconsinite’s groundwater is being contaminated with dangerously high levels of nitrates, where its coming from and why the solutions are not as easy as they seem.

Protecting and preserving Wisconsin's clean water, clean air, and natural heritage.


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Oil executives called to testify before Congress over coordinated #climate disinformation campaign.

"The industry has reportedly led a coordinated effort to spread disinformation to mislead the public and prevent crucial action to address climate change."

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