Looking back, looking forward

, By Molly Dove

2020 has been a challenging year as the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge across Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Despite having to transition working from home during these difficult times, Clean Wisconsin has been able to continue its work to protect our environment and public health.

In this episode, we speak with Clean Wisconsin President and CEO Mark Redsten about the organization’s big accomplishments in the past year, as well as priorities for 2021. We also sit down with Clean Wisconsin’s new content manager and producer of State of Change Molly Dove to talk about the exciting episodes planned for the podcast starting in January. 

Background Reading:

  • Summaries of Clean Wisconsin’s priorities centered around clean airclean waterclean energy and climate change
  • Clean Wisconsin’s staff scientist Paul Matthewson’s research on health and economic impacts of nitrate pollution in Wisconsin 
  • Gov. Evers’ Task Force on Climate Change recommendations for legislative action and policies 

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