Beer, wool socks and energy efficiency

, By Clean Wisconsin

Energy efficiency may not be as flashy as electric vehicles or solar panels, but it is an important step that all Wisconsinites can take to save energy and save money.

In this episode, Clean Wisconsin’s Climate Solutions Director Chelsea Chandler explains how residents and business owners have a great tool in their tool box when it comes to being more energy efficient, and that is the statewide program Focus on Energy. It is a program that provides Wisconsin state residents and businesses with resources, incentives and support to implement energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Later in the show, we talk with Isaac Showaki, the president of Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, Wisconsin, about how using Focus on Energy has helped make his business more energy efficient and saved him money in the long run.

Background Reading:

  • Tell your state legislators and the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee: Support increasing our investment in Focus on Energy in the budget here.
  • Learn all about the Focus on Energy program and its benefits for all Wisconsinites!
  • Read how Clean Wisconsin is working toward a clean energy future here.
  • Clean Wisconsin’s Climate Change Mini-Report includes different recommendations that can help move Wisconsin forward on addressing climate change while building healthy communities and a healthy economy for all.

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