Support increasing our investment in Focus on Energy in the budget

To reach Wisconsin’s 100% carbon-free energy goal, we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy. Employing energy-efficient technologies and practices lowers our overall energy demand, which puts that ambitious and necessary goal within striking distance.

One easy, cost-effective, and highly successful way to cut dirty energy consumption is by increasing energy efficiency through Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.

For the past 20 years, Focus on Energy has been a national leader in reducing energy use, cutting electricity bills, creating jobs, and saving Wisconsin residents and businesses millions of dollars each year.

For every $1 invested in the program, Focus on Energy provides a return of $5 to all energy users. And with increased funding for this highly cost-effective program, Wisconsin can reap even more benefits.

That’s why we’re calling on the state legislature to support Governor Evers’ budget proposal increasing our investment in Focus on Energy and dedicating funds for a low-income program. These improvements were included in recommendations by the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, whose diverse membership represents Republican and Democratic state legislators, utilities, businesses, tribal leaders, youth, farmers, and environmental advocates.

A doubling of funding for Focus on Energy will make this program even more impactful by reaching more Wisconsin residents and businesses. Plus, it can make a big difference for people who bear the greatest energy burden – meaning they spend a higher portion of their income on the basic need of energy – to help reduce their energy bills and save money.

Increasing funding and modernizing Focus on Energy will enable Wisconsin to do so much more to eliminate waste, create jobs, and meet our state’s climate goals. Since this program is funded by Wisconsin’s investor-owned utilities, this funding would not come from taxpayers.

At a time when many Wisconsin families and businesses are struggling, we shouldn’t be leaving savings on the table that could help drive an equitable economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and fight climate change at the same time.

Tell your state legislators and the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee: Support increasing our investment in Focus on Energy in the budget.