Creating a Clean Energy Future

Clean, renewable energy can power Wisconsin’s future, but for too long, we’ve relied on fossil fuels for our energy needs, draining our economy and putting harmful pollutants in our air and water. There is a better path forward with clean, renewable energy, and Clean Wisconsin works on many fronts to reduce our need for harmful fossil fuels and encourage the growth of an economy powered by clean, renewable energy.

Promoting clean, renewable energy use

While we’ve relied on dirty fossil fuels for too long. Clean Wisconsin works to promote clean, renewable energy technologies and resources for Wisconsin.

Reducing climate change pollution in Wisconsin

Finding a solution for climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. Together we can find solutions so future generations inherit a clean, sustainable environment.

Expanding energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the easiest, cheapest way to reduce carbon pollution. Clean Wisconsin strives to expand energy efficiency options to end our reliance on dirty energy.

Curbing our reliance on fossil fuels

Curbing our reliance on fossil fuels promotes our economy and keeps our environment clean. Clean Wisconsin follows every lead to end our dependency on dirty energy.

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