Creating a Clean Energy Future

For too long, our reliance on fossil fuels has hindered our economic potential and put harmful pollutants into our air and water. Moving to home-grown renewable energy, like wind and solar, would boost our economy while protecting our priceless natural resources, mitigating climate change impacts, and safeguarding our health.

Benefitting our communities and climate

Clean, Renewable Energy

Wisconsin needs to significantly reduce carbon emissions to tackle the growing threat of climate change. Here are some of the ways Clean Wisconsin is working to do that.

Historic federal funding to support clean energy is here.

Historic federal funding is expected to make a major impact on top environmental concerns in Wisconsin. Beyond widely anticipated consumer rebates and tax incentives, the state itself is set to receive billions of dollars to address climate change, support sustainable agriculture, and promote clean energy.

Find out what the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will mean for Wisconsin.

How much will you get from the Inflation Reduction Act? Find out by using the IRA Calculator

The Pathway for Wisconsin

New detailed energy and economic modeling shows Wisconsin can reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Achieving net zero:

  • Adds $16 billion to Wisconsin’s economy
  • Saves $2-4.4 billion in avoided healthcare costs
  • Creates 68,000 additional Wisconsin jobs
  • Lowers out-of-pocket costs for fuel and energy
  • Slashes carbon emissions by 122 million metric tons

Expanding Transmission

A robust electricity transmission system is key to Wisconsin’s clean energy future. To transition away from gas and coal power plants, Wisconsin needs more power lines to carry wind and solar energy where it’s needed. Learn more about expanding transmission in the Midwest.

Our Impact

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We have a responsibility to leave our water, air, and natural resources in a better place than we found them.

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