Episode 2: Not a drop to drink

, By Jon Drewsen

Marinette is defined by water. From industry like shipbuilding to its location where the Menominee River empties into the Bay of Green Bay, water is at the center of life there.

But it’s also been the Wisconsin community at the center of a drinking water pollution crisis from a class of chemicals called PFAS, which has been linked to serious health issues including cancer. Residents in the area have struggled to get access to clean drinking water after it was found that the chemical had been leaching into private wells from a nearby firefighting training facility.

Despite this crisis being a top issue for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, the State Assembly failed to pass meaningful legislation that had bi-partisan support before adjourning for the year.

We talk with Oliver Redsten about how this issue is impacting the residents of Marinette. We also catch up with Carly Michiels, our government relations director, about how the Assembly failed to pass bold legislation to address this crisis, and what it could mean as more communities around the state discover PFAS pollution in their drinking water.

Background Reading:

You can also send a message to the State Senate to tell them to veto the Assembly’s failed attempt at addressing PFAS pollution.

Special thanks to…

Chuck and Cindy Boyle of S.O.H2O; Ruth and John Kowalski of Marinette; Darsi Foss of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; and Carly Michiels of Clean Wisconsin.

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