Tell your Senator: Stand up for real solutions to the PFAS crisis

Tell your Senator: Stand up for real solutions to the PFAS crisis

Wisconsin lawmakers punted on addressing PFAS contamination in the Assembly on their last session day.

Instead of passing bipartisan legislation that would enable real action to address PFAS pollution, the Assembly Republicans passed a pitiful, late-night amendment that provides no relief to families still relying on bottled water for access to clean drinking water.

A failure of leadership led to an amendment that directs DNR to do things they’re already doing and takes Wisconsin backwards in some of the progress it’s already made in addressing PFAS.

At a time when Wisconsinites are struggling to get access to clean drinking water and dealing with the health risks associated with these “forever chemicals,” the Assembly had an opportunity to pass meaningful legislation and they failed.

Real, bold solutions to the PFAS crisis have been worked out and negotiated over the last few months. However, the legislature passed a half-baked amendment crafted in the dead of night with absolutely no stakeholder input.

This measure now heads to the State Senate. Together, we can send a strong message to state senators: reject this measure that completely fails to protect Wisconsin  communities from the health risks from PFAS pollution.

Send a message to your Senator: Vote no on this failed attempt at addressing PFAS.