Evers’ Veto Supports Cleaner, Healthier Wisconsin Communities

Wisconsin Capitol Building

Wisconsin communities will retain the ability to adopt policies phasing out the use of dangerous fossil fuels, thanks to Gov. Evers’ veto of Senate Bill 49 today. The bill would have prevented local municipalities from taking action to reduce carbon pollution, like restricting the use of natural gas in new buildings.

Clean Wisconsin government relations director Erik Kanter says local action is key to reducing overall carbon emissions and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.

“As our state and nation have faced a summer of record heat, flooding, and dangerous air quality from wildfire smoke, it’s impossible to ignore the reality of climate change. If Wisconsin communities want to do all they can to curb carbon emissions and cut air pollution, they should be allowed to do so without interference from the state legislature. Clean Wisconsin thanks Governor Evers for vetoing Senate Bill 49,’” says Kanter.

Elevated exposure to air pollution from burning fossil fuels shortens lives, increases cancer risk and contributes to heart attacks, respiratory problems, and strokes. A 2022 analysis from Clean Wisconsin shows Wisconsin has the 3rd largest racial disparities in the nation for exposure to dangerous air pollution particles.