Creating a Clean Energy Future

For too long, our reliance on fossil fuels has hindered our economic potential and put harmful pollutants into our air and water. Moving to home-grown renewable energy, like wind and solar, would boost our economy while protecting our priceless natural resources, mitigating climate change impacts, and safeguarding our health.

Wisconsin needs to significantly reduce carbon emissions to tackle the growing threat of climate change. Here are some of the ways Clean Wisconsin is working to do that:

    Supporting Renewable Energy

Clean Wisconsin is encouraging utilities and the state to look to renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, and existing technology, to help Wisconsin transition to 100% carbon-free electricity

       Saving Energy and Money

Clean Wisconsin supports programs, like Focus on Energy, to help all people and businesses consume less energy and save money on their energy bills.

Fighting Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

The environmental impacts, from a warming climate to local water concerns, are significant. That’s why Clean Wisconsin is taking legal action to prevent more harmful fossil fuel infrastructure from being built in Wisconsin.

Support Clean Wisconsin so we can continue to work toward a clean energy future!

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