Power to the People

Episode 21: Power to the People
, By Clean Wisconsin

What does the We Energies rate case tell us about how Wisconsin energy companies make money?

Spoiler Alert: It’s not by promoting energy efficiency.

We Energies customers across Wisconsin are bracing for higher bills. The company is asking the Public Service Commission to approve a large rate hike, insisting its investment in new solar and wind infrastructure is driving the increase. But We Energies customers are still paying off a $2 billion construction price tag for the company’s Oak Creek coal plant completed in 2011, and they’ll keep paying long after it’s shut down in two years.

The Oak Creek coal plant may be a burden for customers, but it was a windfall for We Energies’ shareholders. Experts say that points to a big problem with the way energy utilities in Wisconsin make money.

Hear from Clean Wisconsin attorney Katie Nekola about what has to change – and find out and what other states are doing to bring power to the people in the face of rising bills.

Host: Amy Barrilleaux

Guest: Katie Nekola, General Counsel, Clean Wisconsin

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