Clean Transportation

Expanding sustainable, clean transportation and infrastructure

Healthier Air. Livable Climate.

We’re on the cusp a monumental shift from internal combustion engine cars, trucks and buses to electric vehicles. And that shift must happen rapidly.

Transportation is one of the biggest drivers of energy use in Wisconsin, making up about 25% of all carbon emissions in our state.

Tailpipe exhaust from cars, trucks and buses contribute to dangerous ground-level air pollution, taking a toll on the health of our communities.  Fewer combustion engine emissions mean less hazardous pollutants that choke our air and contribute to lung and heart disease.

Now is the time to create a transportation system that works for everyone.

Electric Vehicles

Clean Wisconsin is working hard to promote electric vehicles (EVs) by encouraging elected officials to support EV charging infrastructure and incentives. To accelerate the transition to clean transportation around Wisconsin, we need to make it as easy for drivers in every corner of the state to charge an EV as it is to fill up at the pump.

EVs aren’t just cleaner, they’re cheaper to operate and maintain. Electricity costs about half as much as gasoline to power a car, meaning electricity gets you farther than gasoline or diesel.

Wisconsin is set to receive $79 million from the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to build a network of EV chargers across the state.

Clean Public Transit

Mass transit is an even more efficient way to help Wisconsinites get to the places where they work, live, learn, and play. Wisconsin cities are beginning to embrace zero-emission bus fleets, making clean, healthy, reliable transportation more accessible for everyone. As nearly $600 million in federal dollars begin flowing into our state from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to improve public transportation, Clean Wisconsin will help support local governments in building clean and convenient transportation systems.

Safe Biking and Walking

Clean Wisconsin also advocates for pedestrian and biking infrastructure that helps more Wisconsinites get around safely while staying active. Including bike lanes and sidewalks along roads makes it easier for people to walk and bike which in turn supports healthy lifestyles, cleaner air, and vibrant communities.