What does the Biden administration mean for climate action in Wisconsin?

, By Molly Dove

With the recent election of President Joe Biden, there is a new focus on strengthening environmental protections and building the momentum to take action on climate change at the federal level. We’re also seeing leadership and opportunities for climate action in Wisconsin.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Clean Wisconsin’s Climate Solutions Director Chelsea Chandler to dive into how climate has become a winning political issue, the new momentum for climate action in various levels of government and what it all means in terms of opportunities to advance climate solutions in Wisconsin.

Background Reading:

Read the Biden-Harris administration’s statement on the executive orders signed in the first days of Joe Biden’s presidency to tackle climate change.

Learn more about Clean Wisconsin’s recommendations on what we can do now to tackle climate change in our policy team’s mini-report “Strategies for Climate Action in Wisconsin.”

Read the full report from the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change to learn more about their policy recommendations.

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