Environmental Community Challenged to Build Legacy Fund

, By Clean Wisconsin

Madison Community Foundation Announces $100,000 Challenge

MADISON — The Madison Community Foundation issued a challenge to the environmental community at Clean Wisconsin’s 40th anniversary celebration in Madison on Tuesday, April 6, by announcing that it will contribute $100,000 to the environmental organization’s endowment fund if the community raises $300,000.

“This grant challenges the community to build an endowment for Clean Wisconsin to help ensure that they build on a 40 year environmental legacy,” said Kathleen Woit, President of Madison Community Foundation. “We ask that you join us in building a better future for Wisconsin and our environment by contributing to the Clean Wisconsin Legacy Fund.”

The Madison Community Foundation’s announcement comes as Clean Wisconsin celebrates 40 years of environmental advocacy and kicks off its endowment campaign aiming to raise $400,000. At the event, Secretary of State Doug La Follette announced that he will contribute the first $100,000 of the $300,000 community goal.

“For 40 years, Clean Wisconsin has played an instrumental role in protecting Wisconsin’s environment by being a strong, effective voice for clean air, clean water, and clean energy in the state,” said La Follette. “I want to ensure that future generations inherit a clean, safe environment, and that’s why I’m contributing $100,000 to the Clean Wisconsin Legacy Fund.”

Clean Wisconsin’s 40th anniversary comes as the nation celebrates this year’s 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Since its foundation in 1970, Clean Wisconsin has effectively defeated coal plants and dangerous mines; helped to pass laws that protect groundwater, curb acid rain, reduce toxic mercury pollution, and encourage the growth of clean energy production; and played a vital role in the passage of the Great Lakes Compact.

“Clean Wisconsin’s four decades of environmental victories would not have been possible without the generous support of our members,” said Mark Redsten, executive director of the organization. “We’re now asking our supporters to help build an endowment to ensure Clean Wisconsin forever remains a strong and influential voice for Wisconsin’s beautiful environment.”