Josh Neudorfer

Josh Neudorfer is Director of Business Development and a Senior Consultant at The Sigma Group, with over 27 years of experience in the environmental and engineering consulting industry with experience in contaminant cleanup, real estate due diligence, hazardous material management, stormwater solutions, adaptive reuse, and property redevelopment.  In this role he works with clients to identify the right solutions for client challenges and work with project teams to implement the solutions.  The role is also focused on long-term relationship building, trust, and value—important components he brings to the Board of Clean Wisconsin.

Mr. Neudorfer grew up in rural Vermont and learned early the importance of sustainability and efficiency.  Locally sourced food.  Accountability.  Hard work.  Community.  Protecting the environment. Balance.  All learned from living in a challenging environment where people are forced by their surroundings to rely on regional cooperation.

Mr. Neudorfer graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY having studied geology and anthropology.  After spending college summers working as an Archaeologist in the Basin and Range area of the U.S., he took a permanent hydrogeology consulting position in Milwaukee in 1994.