Gof Thomson

Gof Thomsen

Gof has been a Board member since 1992. “Clean Wisconsin is an inspirational organization. I never regret the time I spend on the business/educational/fundraising activities at Clean.” In a former life, Goft and his wife Mary were CEO and Operational Manager at The Bank of New Glarus, where they have lived for decades.

Gof attended Grinnell College in Iowa and the University of Minnesota Law School where he received his JD. Gof has been a member of the Gift of Community board which recognized volunteers and raised funds for the Community Foundation in New Glarus. Gof and Mary have four children and three grandchildren, all of whom are way smarter than he is, assuming, of course, that the measure of “smart” is the use of social media. There is, of course, the benefits of retirement which manifest themselves in travel, politics, an out of control garden and the children/grandchildren, all of whom we are stupefyingly proud and will show you pictures whether or not you ask.