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Advancing Clean Energy at the Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates Wisconsin’s public utilities. It decides whether energy projects are built and how much your energy bill will cost. Our legal team advocates for clean energy, opposes polluting energy sources, and argues for more energy efficiency and conservation through intervention and testimony before the PSC. You can make your voice heard and support our legal action at the PSC by submitting public comments in important cases.


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Clean Wisconsin works with experts to submit testimony in cases before the Public Service Commission to support clean energy policies and projects, fight against new fossil fuel investments, and expand energy efficiency programs. In addition, Clean Wisconsin staff actively participate in energy-related investigations and policy committees such as the Wind Siting Council, the Roadmap to Zero Carbon, the Strategic Energy Assessment, and review updates to the Focus on Energy program.

Our legal team advocates for clean energy projects by testifying in front of the PSC in support of new clean investment. Our advocacy has helped in the approval of the Koshkonong Solar Farm and other projects. 

Our legal team fights against unsustainable fossil fuel projects by testifying in front of the PSC in opposition of new fossil fuel investments. Our advocacy makes it more difficult for new fossil fuel infrastructure to be developed in Wisconsin.

Our legal team intervenes in rate cases to ensure that utility customers are paying fair and justified rates and that utility companies are doing more to prioritize energy efficiency. After Clean Wisconsin intervened In a 2021 rate case with MG&E, the utility company settled and agreed to lower its fixed charges and expand a smart thermostat program.




How to support our legal work at the PSC

By submitting public comments, attending hearings, and joining Clean Wisconsin’s Action Network you can support our advocacy for clean energy in Wisconsin. Make your voice heard in these critical cases.

Recent Cases

WE Energies Rate Case

On 11/3/22, Clean Wisconsin attorneys filed a brief with the Public Service Commission (PSC) calling on commissioners to reject a proposed settlement agreement in the We Energies rate case. The company requested approval to raise electric bills for residential customers by 13% and gas bills by as much as 13.8%. The rate hike requested by WE Energies was significantly higher than those the company had proposed when the settlement was reached.

On 12/1/22, the Public Service Commission lowered We Energies’ return on equity—the profit margin built into its energy rates— to 9.8%. It is the first time in recent memory that the commission has taken this step, and it is a recognition that unchecked energy company profits are a growing burden on customers.

Read our Initial Brief to the PSC and our Reply Brief to the company’s latest plans for an even larger residential rate increase.


Clean Wisconsin and Walnut Way, both parties to the case, never supported the settlement agreement, saying We Energies ignored important measures that would help ease the burden of its rate hike on customers. The company shrugged off proposals to implement energy efficiency programs, including a pilot that would specifically benefit low-income customers.

Clean Wisconsin also called on the PSC to lower the company’s profit margin, which is built into the rate hike. We Energies’ parent company made net profits of more than $1.3 billion in 2021.

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