Legislature misses opportunity to address water, energy challenges in budget

(Photo by Barry Dale Gildry/Flickr)
, By Jon Drewsen

Clean Wisconsin expressed disappointment in the state budget passed by the legislature on Wednesday, which cut millions of dollars in clean water and energy program funding proposed by Gov. Tony Evers.

Carly Michiels, Government Relations Director for Clean Wisconsin, made the following statement:

“Many people do not have access to clean drinking water due to issues like nitrates and lead pipes. Many residents and communities are still grappling with millions of dollars in damage from major flooding last summer, indicating we are now facing the real impacts of climate change.

“The legislature missed an opportunity to seriously invest in clean drinking water and a carbon-free energy future to protect public health and move our state’s energy economy forward by funding these critical programs at levels proposed by Gov. Evers.

“Meanwhile, many people will continue to struggle to gain access to clean drinking water. Investments in clean energy will continue to grow, but not as quickly as needed to address the state’s carbon footprint and take advantage of the current energy market.

“We want to thank our many members who voiced their support for clean water and energy funding in the budget. Clean Wisconsin will continue to encourage our elected officials to protect our water, air and land and to enact legislation that addresses the many environmental challenges facing residents around the state.”

(Photo: Barry Dale Gildry/Flickr)