Introducing… Eco Spotlight!

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Clean Wisconsin is thrilled to present our Eco Spotlight, a captivating video series designed to uplift and inspire with heartwarming environmental stories from the beautiful state of Wisconsin! 

In our inaugural episode, join us on an exploration of Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve in Saumico village, as we dive into the intricate world of Wisconsin’s wetlands. Discover how pollution impacts the tiniest creatures and witness the magic of the Great Lakes Explorers program — a transformative initiative connecting kids to the wonders of the environment. This collaborative effort between the Great Lakes Explorers Group at Pulaski Middle School and Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve exemplifies the power of science and learning in environmental protection. 

Quick Facts about Wisconsin’s Wetlands: 

  • Over the past 150 years, Wisconsin has lost approximately half of its wetlands. 
  • Wetlands play a crucial role in improving water quality by absorbing excess fertilizers, sediments, and pollutants before they reach larger bodies of water. 
  • A third of the state’s species depend on wetlands for living and breeding. 
  • Wetlands are vital in the fight against climate change, covering only 5% – 8% of the earth but holding over 30% of soil carbon. 

Ready to embark on this ecological journey? Simply scan the QR code to enjoy the four-minute video, where you will witness the beauty of Wisconsin’s wetlands and the impactful efforts to preserve them. 

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