GOP squandered opportunity to fund EV charging station infrastructure

, By Jon Drewsen

Clean Wisconsin’s Government Relations Director Carly Michiels issued the following statement after the majority Republican members of the Joint Committee on Finance rejected Governor Tony Evers’ proposal to use $10 million from the Volkswagen (VW) settlement fund for public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations:

“The Joint Finance Committee squandered a great opportunity to encourage and enable EV travel in Wisconsin. EVs are cheaper, cleaner, and better for our health than gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. They’re the way forward in Wisconsin. Using $10 million from the VW settlement fund presented an opportunity to create a significant positive benefit for Wisconsinites without using any taxpayer dollars.

“Wisconsin is one of four states that submitted VW settlement plans that has not used the VW funds for EV charging stations. This was a wasted chance to help lay the groundwork for an easy and fast network of EV charging stations across the state.”