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Voice your support for our water, air and land on these critical issues. 

Tell the NRB: Put public health over profits

Protect our water and families from PFAS pollution from firefighting foam. Take Action.

Tell Congress: Protect clean water & public health in COVID-19 response

Funding can increase access to clean water while boosting economy. Take Action.

Tell your Senator: Stand for real solutions to the PFAS crisis

Vote no on the Assembly’s failed attempt to address this issue.  Take Action.

Tell the Senate: Don’t let special interests tamper with science

Setting health-based standards for our water should be an objective and scientifically rigorous process. Take Action.

Tell lawmakers: Approve $3 million for county conservationists

New funding will support farmers and clean water. Take Action.

Tell your lawmakers: Support ban on high-PAH pavement sealants

Our water and health are better off without them. Take Action.

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