Fall Colors Photo Contest

We received some amazing submissions for the Fall Colors Photo Contest! Voting has closed but be sure to follow Clean Wisconsin on social media for announcements on other contests and events related to our work.

Below, you can see the winning photos and the rest of the top ten pictures selected by our judges. 




Contest Winners


1st Place

Lucas Kostecki 

“This photo was taken in Pattison State Park in Superior WI, October 2022. I loved the way the foliage framed the waterfalls and knew I had to grab a long exposure from that spot. I’m committed to protecting Wisconsin’s amazing natural environment because of all of the unique beauty we get to call home. From the lakes surrounding our capitol, to the far northern reaches of the Apostle Islands, there’s always somewhere to keep exploring and discovering.”


2nd Place

Darcy Berg

“This photograph was taken near Minocqua. Wisconsin’s natural environment has always been important to me. Growing up on the Wisconsin River, I learned from a young age that if the water is clean the plants will be healthy. If the plants are healthy then wildlife will come. Humans can benefit from this through swimming, fishing or boating. Humans can also benefit from this as we quietly observe the brilliance of the flora and fauna before us.”


3rd Place

Nickky Sylvester

“This photo is taken over Kickapoo Orchards sunflower maze in Crawford County, Wisconsin.
I moved to Wisconsin two years ago from California to learn about farming and agriculture. Something I knew nothing about. I’ve learned much about farming and gardening practices and am a staunch advocate and speaker about sustainable farming methods and no-till farming to that Wisconsin can continue to produce and be fruitful for the future generations.”


Honorable Mentions


Tyler Welch 

“This is a long exposure photograph of Lost Creek Falls showing off Wisconsin’s peak fall colors. Shot with a Nikon d750 & Tamron lens. My family and I value raw nature and are advocates of keeping Wisconsin clean and safe for all the animals and plant life we share the state with.”


Mary Capelle


“The old wooden water wheel at Hyde’s Mill was originally built in 1850 and rebuilt in 1870 after it burned.  The mill is located next to an 1850’s stone dam and surrounded by a blanket of fall colors near Ridgeway, Wisconsin. I am committed to protecting Wisconsin’s natural environment by photographing the beauty and historic water and woods while teaching our next generations about water safety, protecting the environment from invasive species and teaching them about the habitats and behaviors of the birds and animals.”


John Anderson


“This is the Dells of the Eau Claire county park near Wausau, WI. It was taken as the sun was rising in the opposite direction and starting to light up the trees below. Protecting Wisconsin’s natural environment is important to me because we have so many great places to escape modern life and enjoy the peacefulness of nature in this state, and I would love to see that continue for the rest of my life and future generations. I think it is important to consider how long it would take to take for these environments to recover if not properly cared for, and that it could be lifetimes if even possible.”


Bryon Hobbs


“Hoyt Park in Madison.  This twisted old oak tree reminds me of everything that is fall colors.  Keeping natural spaces like this beautiful is why I’m committed to protecting Wisconsin’s environment.  Whenever I’m out shooting the fall colors or other beautiful natural areas, I make sure the only trace I leave is my footprints.”


Megan Walusiak


“My name is Megan, and I took the attached photo while setting anchors to climb at Devil’s Lake State Park (Ho Chunk land) last weekend. I fell in love with climbing at Devil’s Lake with its endless top-rope routes and bouldering on sharp purple quartzite. Beyond climbing I’ve fallen in love with all the unique experiences of Wisconsin’s great outdoors has to offer from snow shoeing, hiking, kayaking, and everything in between. I think spending near every weekend on public lands has put in perspective how much work goes into managing and protecting these areas for people like me to enjoy.”


Eric Janisch


“This photo was taken on October 8, 2022, along a gravel road somewhere between Hazelhurst and Rhinelander.  Just a terrific stand of trees.  Pretty much as it was shot, cropped slightly. I am committed to protecting Wisconsin’s natural environment to ensure someday our great grandchildren can travel these same backroads and enjoy the true beauty of our state.”


Tom C T Yin


“A bald eagle soars through the northwoods of Wisconsin against the brilliant fall foliage of oak, maple, and birch trees. My wife and I with our beloved dog Maple were canoeing in the Tiger Cat Flowage north of Hayward, WI when we spotted this eagle on a branch. While we were patiently watching, the eagle suddenly took off, luckily on a flight path that took it directly in front of us. I took a series of shots in burst mode and selected this one as it was nicely framed by the two large branches of the tree. I am an avid wildlife photographer and cherish the opportunities to observe nature’s wonders. Unfortunately, man has not been working to protect these treasures. I active in several organizations that seek to improve our legacy to nature.”