Clean Wisconsin Files Brief Urging PSC to Reject We Energies Rate Settlement

We Energies building in Milwaukee
, By Clean Wisconsin

On Thursday, Clean Wisconsin attorneys filed a brief with the Public Service Commission (PSC) calling on commissioners to reject a proposed settlement agreement in the We Energies rate case. The company wants to raise electric bills for residential customers by 13% and gas bills by as much as 13.8%. The residential rates are significantly higher than those the company had proposed when the settlement was reached.

“This lack of information undoubtedly hindered the settlement process and final product,” noted Clean Wisconsin in the brief.

Clean Wisconsin and Walnut Way, both parties to the case, never supported the agreement, saying We Energies ignored important measures that would help ease the burden of its rate hike on customers. The company shrugged off proposals to implement energy efficiency programs, including a pilot that would specifically benefit low-income customers.

Clean Wisconsin is also calling on the PSC to lower the company’s profit margin, which is built into the rate hike. We Energies’ parent company made net profits of more than $1.3 billion in 2021.

Read the full brief filed with the Public Service Commission here.