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A crisis of contamination

For Ruth and John Kowalski, their home in Peshtigo was the last place they expected to be at risk for PFAS contamination.

Gov. Evers signs state budget into law

Gov. Tony Evers signed the 2019-2020 budget into law, wrapping up the months-long process that began with the governor’s budget proposals back in February.


Wisconsin communities are committing to clean energy

With a lack of robust leadership on clean energy and climate change from the state and federal government in past years, local communities at the city and county level are take matters into their own hands.

Carbon-free by 2050

In order to achieve the 100% carbon-free electricity goal in Wisconsin, we need to make big investments across the board to transition electricity generation towards solar and wind.

Summer is coming

Looking forward to spending time outside this summer? When you head out the door, you probably check the weather to see if you need a jacket or an umbrella—but on hot sunny days, you should also check to see if air quality poses a risk to your health. Doing so is easy, and it could save your life.

Other News

Gov. Tony Evers declares 2019 the Year of Clean Drinking Water

The two year 2019-2020 Legislative Session officially kicked off in early January with the inauguration of a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer. Fourteen brand new legislators took office, and four Representatives were elected to the Senate. Republicans maintained their majorities in both houses – 19-14 in the State Senate and 63-36 in the State Assembly.