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Alarming rates of well water contamination in SW WI

The results from the first round of sampling for the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology (SWIGG) study released earlier this month indicate serious problems with well water contamination in the region. For years, Clean Wisconsin has worked hard to push for strong drinking water protections, and these results confirm that we need bold action from local and state leaders to ensure every Wisconsin resident has access to clean drinking water.

Two water cases sent to Supreme Court

On January 16, 2019, the District II Court of Appeals declined to rule on a pair of cases brought by Clean Wisconsin, and instead asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to issue decisions in these disputes. The eventual rulings in each of these cases will have significant impacts on Wisconsin’s water and, potentially, the ability of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and other state agencies to protect the environment and public health more broadly.


Summer is coming

Looking forward to spending time outside this summer? When you head out the door, you probably check the weather to see if you need a jacket or an umbrella—but on hot sunny days, you should also check to see if air quality poses a risk to your health. Doing so is easy, and it could save your life.

Clean Wisconsin tells EPA to reduce unhealthy smog

EPA strengthened ozone air quality standards in 2015 based on medical research showing that the 2008 standards did not fully protect public health. The 2015 standards were designed to improve air quality and to reduce health risks for children, older adults and people who have lung diseases such as asthma and emphysema.

Under the Lens: Is Wisconsin seeing more heavy rain events?

One of the anticipated impacts of climate change in Wisconsin is an increase in extreme storms and subsequent flood events. Those of us in southern Wisconsin got a taste of this from the storm last August that dropped nearly of a foot rain in parts of Dane County, and many other areas of the state experienced similar heavy rain events. While it is impossible to definitively attribute a particular event to climate change, is there any evidence that we are already experiencing more heavy rain events?

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