Assembly Committee Passes Clean Energy Jobs Act

, By Clean Wisconsin

Full Assembly, Senate now have one week to pass bill

MADISON — The Assembly Committee on the Clean Energy Jobs Act held an executive session in the Capitol today, where they voted 6-3 to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

“The Clean Energy Jobs Act will help keep our environment clean and aid in our state’s economic recovery,” said Keith Reopelle, senior policy director at Clean Wisconsin. “We’re encouraged by the progress of this bill and ask Assembly and Senate leadership to move quickly to pass this vital legislation.”

The vote comes one day after the Wisconsin Public Service Commission released a new analysis showing that Wisconsin ratepayers will save at least $1.4 billion over the next 15 years with the policies in the Clean Energy Jobs Act, when compared to the status quo.

Beyond lowering energy bills, studies have continually demonstrated the bill’s job creation potential, with an independent Michigan State University Study recently showing that the legislation would create over 16,000 jobs in Wisconsin.

“The Clean Energy Jobs Act will create jobs, help clean our environment, and help keep energy bills affordable,” said Reopelle. “By producing our own clean, renewable energy, Wisconsin can look forward to a more energy independent and economically prosperous future.”

The bill now moves to the floor of the Assembly. Legislators will have one week — until the end of the legislative session on April 22nd — to pass the bill in the Assembly and in the Senate.

“This bill represents years of study, hard work and careful compromise. It’s now up to our legislators to pass it,” said Reopelle. “Wisconsin has never seen a piece of legislation that does as much to both protect our environment and strengthen our economy as the Clean Energy Jobs Act.”