Agency rule making on ‘forever chemicals’ moving ahead

water from faucet
, By Jon Drewsen

Natural Resources Board approves scope statements for needed water protections

MADISON, WI — Clean Wisconsin commends the Natural Resources Board (NRB) for voting on Wednesday to allow the Department of Natural Resources to move forward with developing surface water, groundwater, and drinking water standards for a class of chemicals known as PFAS.

“Today’s vote is a critical step to creating statewide protections against PFAS pollution,” said Carly Michiels, Clean Wisconsin’s Director of Government Relations. “With residents all around the state already struggling with PFAS in their drinking water, we applaud the NRB for voting to allow this process to move forward.”

PFAS are a class of chemicals known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they build up in the environment and human bodies over time. These chemicals, which are found in products ranging from household cleaners to firefighting foam, are linked to a number of health problems, including certain types of cancers.

These chemicals are unregulated by the federal government, making it even more important that the DNR move ahead with other states like Michigan in developing state standards to protect Wisconsin residents from these dangerous chemicals.

“As testing for PFAS increases, there will likely be more communities that find themselves with a new water contamination problem to confront,” said Michiels. “These rules will be an important step in setting standards, reducing exposure, and protecting vulnerable communities.”