Take Action! Legislators prepared to side with PFAS-users to rollback the only protections from PFAS contamination in Wisconsin.

Right in the middle of the holiday season, state legislators are poised to weaken or suspend the only protections from PFAS contamination in Wisconsin on Friday, and they’re doing it through a sham process.

In October, the Natural Resources Board approved minimal rules banning the use of firefighting foam containing PFAS in testing and training scenarios. This is a major source of groundwater and drinking water contamination in places like Marinette, where people still rely on regular bottled water deliveries for access to clean drinking water.

State lawmakers want to scrap these important rules for industry benefit. To add insult to injury, the committee is shutting the public out of the hearing process and only allowing invited speakers—instead of hearing from the people struggling with access to clean drinking water who will be directly impacted by this decision.

After nearly a year of Wisconsinites across the state discussing options to address PFAS pollution through the Speaker’s Water Quality Taskforce, budget listening sessions, and public hearings on other PFAS-related bills, this rollback for industry ignores the very demands of the Wisconsin families struggling with PFAS contamination.

Contact the committee members and tell them to side with clean water and not move to rollback these important protections! But hurry! The deadline to submit a comment is TOMORROW at 3 p.m.