Lawmakers need to support the CLEAR Act

Lawmakers need to support the CLEAR Act.


PFAS pollution is creating major problems for residents and families in places like Marinette and Peshtigo.

Folks like Ruth and John Kowalski, who live just a mile from a firefighting training facility in Marinette that has leached high levels of PFAS pollution into a creek behind their house, don’t bother turning on the tap. Instead, they rely on a weekly delivery of bottled water, and they don’t let their grandkids bathe at their house when they come to visit.

PFAS is taking a toll on the residents of communities all around the state. Recognizing this, and listening to the demands of community members, lawmakers have introduced the CLEAR Act, a bold plan to enforce health standards for PFAS, clean up current contamination areas, and prevent this problem in the future.

While this bill is one of the most comprehensive proposals in the nation on PFAS, some lawmakers are refusing to sign on in support of the bill.

While people struggle with PFAS pollution in their communities, they’re looking to their elected representatives to take action.

It’s time for lawmakers to support the CLEAR Act and make sure this bill gets the hearing we deserve. Every day without action only makes the problem more difficult to solve in the future.

Send a message to your elected representatives: Support the CLEAR Act and call for a hearing on this important bill.