Science Advisory Council

Clean Wisconsin relies on up-to-date and accurate scientific information for all of its policy, legal, and advocacy work. The Science Advisory Council is a group of leading scientists and researchers who support Clean Wisconsin by providing objective guidance and strategic input based on their insight and expertise. Using the best and most recent evidence and scientific thinking, they help to ensure that work of Clean Wisconsin is of the highest possible caliber.

Clean Wisconsin Science Advisory Council members

  • Doug Ahl, PhD, Madison
    Director of Research, Seventhwave
  • Henry Anderson, MD, Madison
    Adjunct Professor, Population Health Sciences, UW-Madison
  • Belinda Baron, DHSc, Madison
    Director of Clinical Lab Operations, Exact Sciences
  • Belle Bergner, Milwaukee
    Clean Wisconsin Board Member
  • Liz Feder, Madison
    Clean Wisconsin Board Member
  • Bud Harris, PhD Green Bay
    Professor Emeritus, Biology, UW-Green Bay
  • Karen Knetter, Madison
    Clean Wisconsin Board Member
  • Kristin Malecki, PhD, Madison
    Assistant Professor, Population Health Sciences, UW-Madison
  • David Mladenoff, PhD, Madison
    Professor, Forest & Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison
  • Dan Phaneuf, PhD, Madison
    Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics, UW-Madison
  • Warren Porter, PhD, Madison
    Professor, Zoology, UW-Madison