Arun Soni, Secretary

Arun Soni is a native of the Chicago area, and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduating with a B.S. in natural resources and environmental sciences, he began working for The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C.  As part of this advocacy group, Arun worked with lobbyists on the hill to increase appropriations for the Government’s Land & Water Conservation Fund.  Later, Arun joined a clean tech consultancy in D.C., where he worked alongside the U.S. Department of Energy to advance solar technologies.

Arun’s work has also taken him overseas, where he was the business development manager for Nova Medical Centers Middle East LLC., a U.S. venture funded healthcare companyAfter completing his MBA in finance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he joined Wells Fargo’s Private Bank in San Francisco to manage investment portfolios for high-net-worth clients.  Outside of work, he is an avid athlete and outdoor enthusiast.

Term expires May 2018