Tell the PSC to protect rooftop solar!

Submit a comment to the Public Service Commission to support rooftop solar in your community. Comments are due by Wednesday, Oct. 4.


Now is the time for Alliant Energy to save customers money & promote clean, safe energy!

Tell the Public Service Commission that Alliant’s proposal moves us in the wrong direction.

Many home solar systems can, at times, generate more electricity than a family uses. When that happens, excess power goes back into the grid, and power companies pay families for that energy through a process called net metering. Now, Alliant Energy is taking aim at net metering in its latest rate hike proposal. Alliant Energy (also known as Wisconsin Power and Light Company) is asking the PSC to approve a new complex and confusing program that would create uncertainty for homeowners and installers, and it could result in higher bills for solar system owners and longer payback periods for families and small businesses. Alliant Energy’s proposal would even charge system owners for some of the solar energy they provide to the grid.

It’s not too late for Alliant Energy to save customers money and promote clean, safe energy!

Instead of putting up barriers to clean energy adoption, Alliant Energy could use federal funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to finance closure of the Edgewater Unit 5 coal-fired power plant, saving ratepayers more than $168 MILLION. The money could be reinvested in nearly 150 megawatts of clean, solar generation. Tell the PSC to direct Alliant Energy to take advantage of this opportunity to save customers money and invest in clean energy.


Submit a comment to the Public Service Commission to support rooftop solar in your community.

Comments are due by Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Attend the hearing!

Attend one of the public hearings on Alliant Energy’s rate plan

Sept. 13, at 1:00 pm or 6:00 pm


In-person hearing location:

PSC Hearing Room (S105)

Hill Farm State Office Building

4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison, Wis.


Or Join Zoom at

(To join Zoom by telephone. Dial: +1 312 626 6799 Enter Meeting ID: 809 513 2930)


Members of the public may comment at this session.

Comments may also be mailed to:


Docket 6680-UR-124 Comments

Public Service Commission

P.O. Box 7854

Madison WI 53707-7854

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Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light Company) claims to have a net-zero carbon goal, but its proposal hurts families that are helping promote climate solutions by financing and installing their own clean energy systems. According to our Roadmap to Net-Zero by 2050, Wisconsin needs at least 2.5 GW of rooftop solar by 2050, and we are nowhere near that. Alliant Energy is placing a hurdle on that path, at a time when we desperately need to move quickly.

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