Dayona Rimmer

Dayona Rimmer is Clean Wisconsin’s new Public Ally. She began working with us in September 2021 and will continue with us through July of 2022. She is excited to join Clean Wisconsin as she is passionate about every Wisconsinite having access to clean drinking water, helping communities mitigate impacts from flooding, and cleaning up the streets so that neighborhoods look and feel nice for their residents.

Dayona is planning on attending college next year to study public service work in environmental science or public health. She wants to help people grow, learn and heal in their environment and community. Dayona will work closely with the Milwaukee Program to provide resources to members of underserved communities about energy saving programs and better understand any barriers that may exist to underserved communities participating in the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy and transportation systems, transitions that are necessary to fight climate change.

Her hobbies include playing music, dancing and gardening.