Fighting dirty coal-powered energy

Fighting dirty coal-powered energyDirty coal plants poison our air and water with carbon and other harmful pollutants. To protect our environment and our health, Clean Wisconsin works on a number of fronts to reduce the production of dirty energy and clean up active producers.

Enforcing permits and pollution limits

Clean Wisconsin’s legal team regularly monitors permits and pollution limits for the state’s fleet of coal plants and pushes for legal action when polluters are violating their permits and limits. For instance, in August 2014, we worked hard to ensure Wisconsin Public Service’s request to abandon the protective standards limiting mercury pollution at the Weston 4 power plant was denied by the DNR.

Victory in the Valley

Clean Wisconsin successfully opposed the permit for Valley Power Plant in downtown Milwaukee, one of Wisconsin’s oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Clean Wisconsin and the Sierra Club together filed a petition with the Department of Natural Resources to fight the permit. At the same time, Clean Wisconsin worked with the Clean Valley Coalition, a diverse group of stakeholders, to clean up the Valley Power Plant.

Clean Wisconsin’s efforts against the Valley Power Plant resulted in a huge victory when the owner of the plant, We Energies, announced it would convert the plant to cleaner-burning natural gas.

Plant proposal denied

In 2008, Clean Wisconsin achieved a major victory when, for the first time ever, the Public Service Commission denied a proposal to build a new coal-fired power plant. Clean Wisconsin, with environmental groups like Citizens Utility Board, spent two years fighting the proposal, which would have allowed Alliant Energy to build a plant in Cassville. The historic decision set an enormous precedent that’s moving Wisconsin toward a strong clean energy economy. Clean Wisconsin stands ready to fight any new coal plant in Wisconsin.

Clean Wisconsin continues to collaborate with stakeholders to find alternatives to energy powered by dirty coal.