Pushing for better coal ash waste management

Better coal ash waste managementWisconsin’s coal-fired power plants not only spew air and carbon pollution, but they also produce a dirty, toxic byproduct called coal ash. Our research on coal ash waste shows a connection between the reuse of coal ash waste in the environment and groundwater and drinking water contamination in southeast Wisconsin. Until we can eliminate coal plants from our energy portfolio, we need to find better ways to manage coal ash waste to protect our health and environment.

Don't Drink the Water reportIn 2014, we released our report on coal ash waste, Don’t Drink The Water, outlining our findings on the dangers of toxic coal ash in our state. The report demonstrates how molybdenum, a toxic metal found in coal ash, has risen to dangerously extreme levels across Southeastern Wisconsin. As a result, schools, businesses and homes in the region don’t have access to safe drinking water.

PHOTO: Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel