Electric Vehicles

Powering our cars, trucks, buses and other modes of transportation with electricity is critical to cutting carbon emissions and curbing climate change.

We need our state to lead the way in encouraging EV use by helping to lay the groundwork for an easy and fast network of charging stations across the state.

The transportation industry is very carbon intensive

Carbon emissions from transportation are greater than emissions from electricity.


Carbon Emissions in 2017

In 2017, transportation accounted for 27% of all carbon emissions in the U.S.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are key to reducing carbon emissions, and they provide economic, environmental, and public health benefits.

EVs Are Efficient

EV carbon emissions are lower than gas and diesel vehicles, even if they are powered by electricity generated by fossil fuels. As wind and solar continue to replace fossil fuels, EV emissions will be even less carbon intensive.

EVs Save Money

Electricity costs about half as much as gasoline to power a car, meaning electricity gets you farther than gasoline or diesel. 

EVs Protect Our Health

EVs are healthier for our communities than gas and diesel vehicles. Fewer combustion engine emissions means less hazardous pollutants that harm the ozone and choke our air and contribute to lung and heart disease. 

Encouraging EV Use

We can cut our carbon emissions by making EVs more affordable and creating confidence in statewide EV travel. It is imperative that the state take a leading role in promoting widespread EV adoption. Clean Wisconsin is working hard to promote EVs by encouraging elected officials to support broad EV adoption, advancing the transition to clean transportation around Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin can be a leader in supporting statewide infrastructure like charging stations to encourage widespread EV use.