Utility rate cases

Utility rate casesFamilies and businesses across Wisconsin want to save money and do their part to help reduce air pollution by cutting down on the amount of electricity they use. Unfortunately, it will be harder for us to afford energy efficient products or install renewable energy in the future.

That’s because three utilities across the state are proposing to increase the “fixed charges” on electricity bills. Those charges are the flat fees we pay each month regardless of how much energy we use. As these fixed charges increase, the amount of money that we can save by reducing our energy use decreases. This hurts anyone who is trying to cut their electricity bills but is especially hard on people with low or fixed incomes.

More than ever before, Wisconsin families and businesses are interested in controlling where their electricity comes from and how much they use. As the biggest players in the energy business, utilities should be looking for opportunities to provide families and businesses with the products and services they want, instead of fighting against them.

To ensure our state becomes more energy efficient, Clean Wisconsin opposes these utility rate increases. We fight for the rights of clean energy consumers and defend their ability to take advantage of environmentally friendly, cost-saving systems.

MGE Electric Bill Calculator

If you’d like to know what these types of bill changes could mean for you, try out our example calculator based on MGE’s proposal for 2015.