Strengthening Wisconsin’s commitment to clean energy, energy efficiency

Strengthening clean energy, energy efficiencyClean Wisconsin has long led the charge to establish laws, programs and policies to strengthen Wisconsin’s commitment to clean energy and energy efficiency.

For instance, Clean Wisconsin was a leader in establishing and protecting Wisconsin’s successful energy efficiency and renewable energy program, Focus on Energy. Focus on Energy provides Wisconsin residents with resources, incentives and support to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that save money on energy bills and reduce emissions.

Clean Wisconsin helped to found the program in the 1990s when it was appointed to the Public Service Commission’s deregulatory advisory committee under Gov. Tommy Thompson. Clean Wisconsin further strengthened the program when it garnered support for Act 9 in the state Legislature.

In 2010, the Public Service Commission approved a funding increase for Focus on Energy. However, Focus on Energy suffered setbacks when the legislature and Governor Walker rescinded that decision in the 2011 budget bill. Clean Wisconsin is working with legislators and our business allies to improve and restore funding to Focus on Energy.

In addition, Clean Wisconsin also helped to write and pass Act 141 as a member of Gov. Jim Doyle’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Advisory Group in 2006. That landmark law doubled Wisconsin’s investment in energy efficiency and tripled its investment in renewable energy.