Reducing climate change pollution in Wisconsin

Reducing climate change pollution in WisconsinFinding a solution for climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. If we don’t change our path and curb our carbon emissions now, Wisconsinites can expect more disastrous droughts and floods, devastating crop losses, diminished water quality, greater losses of our forests, serious health concerns, and many more steep costs as a result.

Fortunately, we can mitigate the worst impacts of climate change by taking action now. Clean Wisconsin works on a variety of issues, from closing coal-fired power plants to creating clean energy alternatives, to move us toward a cleaner, more sustainable climate.

Clean Wisconsin does this by:

Working for strong EPA carbon pollution standards

Working for strong EPA carbon pollution standards

To curb climate change, we must cut carbon pollution. At Clean Wisconsin, we’re working to ensure the EPA develop strong but reasonable carbon standards.

Closing or retiring old, dirty coal plants

Fighting dirty coal-powered energy

Dirty energy producers emit 40% of our nation’s carbon pollution. Clean Wisconsin works on a number of fronts to reduce the production of dirty energy and clean up active producers.

Expanding energy efficiency

Expanding energy efficiency use

Energy efficiency is the easiest, cheapest way to reduce carbon pollution. Clean Wisconsin strives to expand energy efficiency options and end our reliance on dirty energy.

Promoting clean, renewable energy use

Promoting clean, renewable energy

Clean, renewable energy is only effective if we all pitch in. At Clean Wisconsin, we seek to ensure better energy alternatives are available to everyone.

Holding polluters accountable

Holding polluters accountable

We must hold polluters accountable for contaminating our environment. For decades, Clean Wisconsin’s legal team has worked in the permitting process and the courts to end carbon pollution.