Expanding the use of solar

Expanding solar powerBy harnessing energy from the sun, Wisconsin can create opportunities for state businesses and manufacturers, save money for consumers and create a better environment for everyone.

At Clean Wisconsin, we’re working to expand solar energy by making it more accessible to consumers in our state.

Third-Party Ownership

One way we’re making solar energy more obtainable is by backing third-party ownership. Despite the significant return on investment from energy savings, the upfront financing costs of installing solar technology in our homes and businesses can be a significant barrier for homeowners and business owners. By turning to a third-party owner for the technology, Wisconsinites can afford to invest in solar energy.

However, a hole in the current law makes third-party ownership potentially risky. To ensure everyone can access clean, cost-saving solar energy and to enable our renewable energy industry to grow, Clean Wisconsin seeks to pass legislation that would clarify our existing rules.

Net metering

We also work to expand solar energy use by supporting net metering. Net metering ensures that everyone can get full credit for producing their own electricity by allowing meters to spin backwards as well as forwards. Like rollover minutes for a cell phone, net metering allows Wisconsinites to balance out times they generate their own electricity with times they use energy from the energy company.

To make solar energy systems more affordable, Wisconsin should have a fair, uniform net metering policy. Currently, only small projects in size qualify for net metering. Raising the cap is critical to providing an even playing field for solar energy in Wisconsin.