Promoting clean, renewable energy use

Promoting clean, renewable energyWe’ve relied on dirty, out-of-state fossil fuels for far too long. As a result, we’ve drained our economy by sending billions out of state each year to import dirty fossil fuels, and we’ve put harmful pollutants into our air and water. However, Wisconsin has the opportunity to take a better path forward. With technological innovations and abundant natural resources, we can create jobs and clean our environment by producing clean, renewable energy right here in Wisconsin.

Clean Wisconsin works on many fronts to make sure we take that path forward toward a strong economy, a safe environment and a better energy future.

Clean Wisconsin does this by:

Supporting wind energyt

Supporting wind energy development

Wind is one of the most reliable energy resources available. For years, Clean Wisconsin has fought to eliminate barriers to wind energy to boost our economy and clean our environment.

Strengthening Wisconsin's commitment to clean energy, energy efficiency

Strengthening Wisconsin’s commitment to clean energy, energy efficiency

Clean Wisconsin has long led the charge to establish laws, programs and policies to strengthen Wisconsin’s commitment to clean energy and energy efficiency.

Expanding solar power

Expanding the use of solar

By harnessing energy from the sun, Wisconsin can create opportunities for state businesses and manufacturers, save money for consumers, and create a better environment for everyone.