Advocating for water conservation

Advocating for water conservationThe quantity ā€“ not just the quality ā€“ of our water is central to making sure everyone has access to clean and plentiful water. Clean Wisconsin advocates for strong conservation measures so we can maintain our water supplies now and for generations to come.

One of Wisconsinā€™s most significant water conservation problems is from over-pumping. Over-pumping from municipalities and farm operations seriously draws down the groundwater supplies Wisconsinites depend on.

Clean Wisconsin continues to promote stronger groundwater protections that would improve current law, like the Groundwater Protection Act, and prevent over-pumping.

In the absence of passing new regulations, our legal team fights to protect our groundwater in the permitting process and in the courts. In 2014, Clean Wisconsin won two major legal victories against over-pumping at the New Chester and Richfield Dairies.