Protecting our groundwater

Protecting our groundwaterThough not as visible as our lakes, rivers and streams, the quality and quantity of our groundwater play a vital role in our daily lives. Groundwater is essential to the well-being of our communities, our economy and our beautiful waterways and wetlands.

 But dried-up rivers, mudfront property and unsafe drinking water are a reality for too many Wisconsinites because of weak groundwater protections and over-pumping. Clean Wisconsin is committed to protecting our precious groundwater.

Clean Wisconsin does this by:

Strengthening groundwater laws

Strengthening groundwater laws

Strengthening our groundwater laws is essential to safeguard our water resources. We’re working to strengthen outdated laws and enact new ones to protect our waterways and ensure all Wisconsinites have access to drinking water.


Pushing for better management of coal ash waste

Pushing for better coal ash waste management

Our 2014 report on coal ash waste shows how this wastestream has contaminated groundwater in southeastern Wisconsin. Clean Wisconsin strives to promote clean, renewable energy that won’t harm our drinking water.


Reducing polluted runoff to restore our waters

Reducing polluted runoff

Polluted runoff from farm fields, city streets, fertilized lawns and construction sites harms our water supplies. We work to implement better runoff management strategies, like Adaptive Management, to secure safe, clean drinking water.


managing rainwater with green infrastructure

Managing rainwater with green infrastructure

When rainwater drains into our waterways, it picks up pollutants that can harm our water. We help install green infrastructure, like rain gardens, to prevent pollution and protect our drinking water.


Monintoring frac sand mining activities

Monitoring the frac sand mining industry

With the booming growth of fracking, frac sand mining is in high demand, and frac sand mines in Wisconsin put the quality of our drinking water at risk. Clean Wisconsin fights for fair, reasonable mining laws to ensure our water resources remain safe for everyone.


Holding polluters accountable

Holding polluters accountable

Polluters who put our drinking water in harm’s way need to be held accountable. For decades, Clean Wisconsin’s legal team has engaged in the permitting process and in the courts to protect our water resources.

Photo credits: Polluted runoff/girl on pier courtesy of Dick Lamers
Coal ash/bluff collapse by Mark Hoffmann/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel