Getting microbeads out of our products and our waters

MicrobeadsMicrobeads, the tiny plastic particles found in personal care products, are draining out our sinks and bathtubs and making their way into our Great Lakes. While these little plastic pieces might seem harmless, they actually pose a significant problem for the health of our waterways and their ecosystems.

As they make their way into our Great Lakes, these microscopic plastics make their way into the wildlife in the water, too, creating a number of potential problems. These plastics have the ability to harm fishes’ digestive systems, and the chemicals absorbed in the plastic can cause other abnormalities.

To protect our Great Lakes environment, Clean Wisconsin spearheaded the initiative here to reduce microbeads in our water, and a new bill circulating in the state Legislature would ban the sale and manufacture of personal care products with microbeads in our state. By banning microbeads in Wisconsin, we hope we can ensure the Great Lakes will remain beautiful for future generations.

Photo credit: Olga Lynadres/Flickr