Upholding the Great Lakes Compact

Upholding the Great Lakes CompactIn 2001, Clean Wisconsin began the fight for the Great Lakes Compact, a historic agreement between eight states and two Canadian provinces that protects the water in the Great Lakes and ensures it will never be sold to the highest bidder. After years of hard work, the Wisconsin Legislature passed the agreement in spring of 2008, and the Compact became a reality later that year when President Bush signed it into law.

However, our work on the agreement isn’t over. While the signing of the Compact represented an enormous environmental victory, Clean Wisconsin is working diligently to ensure the law is properly implemented and enforced.

In 2013, Waukesha became the first city to file a proposal under the Compact to divert water away from the Great Lakes. If approved, the project would take millions of gallons of water from Lake Michigan each day. To ensure we continue to strongly defend the Great Lakes, Clean Wisconsin has formally requested the Department of Natural Resource deny the proposal. We remain committed to making sure the application meets the highest standards set forth by the Compact.